European Commission

European Commission – Inception Impact Assessment on the review of the Design Directive and Community Design Regulation 24 November 2020

European Commission – Evaluation Report of EU legislation on design protection 6 November 2020

Executive Summary of the European Commission’s Evaluation Report 6 November 2020

The effect of design protection on price and price dispersion: Evidence from automotive spare parts, Herz, Benedikt and Mejer, Malwina, for the European Commission 1 June 2020 B

Factual Summary report on the public consultation on the European Commission’s evaluation of EU legislation on design protection July 2019

European Commission – Evaluation Roadmap of EU legislation on design protection July 2018

Legal Review on industrial design protection in Europe – Consortium (Time Lex; Spark; Queen Mary; IndiGov) April 2016

The Economic Review of Industrial Designs in Europe – Europe Economics January 2015

Proposal of the Commission of the European Communities to amend “Design” Directive 98/71/EC COM (2004) 582 final] Brussels, 14.9.2004

“Extended Impact Assessment” of the European Commission, 14.9.2004

European Parliament

Report on an intellectual property action plan to support the EU’s recovery and resilience (2021/2007(INI); Rapporteur: MEP Marion Walsmann) – November 2021

Council of the EU

Council of the EU – Conclusions on intellectual property policy – 18 June 2021

Publications of ECAR

ECAR Policy Note on Spare Parts in Design Protection Law – May 2021

ECAR Feedback on the European Commission’s Inception Impact Assessment – December 2020

Facts Deck on the Repairs Clause 2017 – Final

This document (2017) provides a summary of the “spare parts” issue. All arguments raised by ECAR in this context are explained.